is drooling an illness!

Don’t take it lightly

is drooling an illness!
Don’t take it lightly

1. Incorrect sleeping postures drool while sleeping may be caused by improper sleeping postures, such as sleeping on the table, sleeping in the lateral position, etc.

In this case, you only need to adjust the sleeping position appropriately to reduce drooling.

  2, oral diseases due to genetic factors and acquired bad habits, such as nail nails, tongue sticking, pencil biting, etc., causing deformity of the front teeth, drooling during sleep.

The temperature and humidity in the mouth are most suitable for the reproduction of bacteria, the accumulation of food residues or sugars on the teeth and the surface of the teeth, and prone to dental caries and periodontal disease.

These adverse factors are irritating and can cause drooling while sleeping.

  Drooling while sleeping, with a salty taste, and the pillow towel is pale yellow, most likely due to poor oral hygiene.

If there is an ulcer in the mouth, the painful stimulus promotes salivation and causes drooling.

At this time, medicine can be used to promote the healing of ulcers, and drooling will disappear automatically.

  3, excessive excitement, physical fatigue, excessive use of the brain or taking certain drugs may cause neurological disorders, the brain will send the wrong signal when sleeping, causing increased saliva secretion, which will cause drooling.

This situation should start with regulating life and eating habits, avoid overeating or peristalsis, and pay attention to rest.

Usually eat more barley, lotus seeds, yam, lentils, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, jujube and so on.

  4. Spleen and stomach disorders Traditional Chinese medicine believes that drooling in adults is a manifestation of spleen and stomach dysfunction. This situation is often caused by weakened spleen and stomach motor function, moist stays, spleen and stomach dampness or decreased food storage in the stomach, and stomach heat up steaming, the so-called “Stomach discomfort is restless. ”

  5. Facial neuritis or stroke The face is cold, drool or drool suddenly appear after the face, you must be alert.

You can smile in the mirror. If you find that the angle of mouth is skewed, or there are symptoms such as tight eyes, headache, etc., it may be a precursor of facial neuritis or stroke. It is recommended that you go to the hospital immediately for relevant examination.

  What to do if you drool while sleeping According to the above reasons that may induce sleep drool, determine which one you belong to, and take the right medicine to cure the disease.

Tomorrow, when I wake up, the pillows are still dry.

  First of all, you must straighten your sleeping position. Don’t lie on the table or sleep leaning on the chair. This is easier to drool. You should adjust to the correct sleeping position, lie flat on the bed, or sleep slightly to the right.

  It is best not to eat before going to bed, and at the same time brush your teeth or gargle, and clean your mouth with tools such as pressure lines. It is recommended to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash for one or two minutes after brushing your teeth at night to ensure that there is no sweet or salty taste in your mouth.
  If the upper and lower teeth are not in the correct position, it may cause drooling during sleep. It is best to check whether your teeth have deformities and if possible, correct the teeth as soon as possible.

  There may be some problems with the function of the spleen. You can try to eat some traditional Chinese medicine or food with spleen function, such as lotus seeds, corn, red dates, yam, honey, etc. The lotus seed red date rice porridge is recommended, and the spleen strengthening effect is good.

  In addition, the disease may cause drooling during sleep, some periodontitis may cause drooling, and some neurological diseases may also cause drooling. At this time, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.