Five experiences to help children grow up healthy

Five experiences to help children grow up healthy

Every experience is a valuable asset to children.

Some very important experiences cannot be ignored at an early age.

1. Experience of working independently. The child’s first attempt will inevitably lead to difficulties. We must overcome the interference, let alone do it for him, and only make decisions for him at important moments.

When the child wants to solve it on his own, he should be given appropriate encouragement.

2, the experience of participating in work The best way to train a child is to assign work to him.

Parents should first consider the child’s age, ability, interests and personality, and let him help with housework, but do not force him.

When children take responsibility, they will feel highly valued and will become sensible.

3. When the successful experience after failure teaches the child to exercise, choose competitive sports that are easy to master so that he will not fail repeatedly.

Too much frustration will make him lose interest.

Letting him feel the success after failure will not only inspire his interest, but also inspire him to do everything possible.

4. Parents’ past experience When the child talks to the parents when they encounter problems, it does not prevent them from telling their children their previous experiences, frustrations, failures and pains, lessons learned, etc.

This point the child is inspired and can also close the relationship between parents and children.

5, feeling the experience of life and death of a small animal that has died, the child will feel sad, but this experience will make him understand the pain of losing his loved ones, and let him know the importance of cherishing life.

In daily life, instill the child with the correct outlook on life, and bring him into contact with nature, and appreciate the mysteries of life.