Four tricks to get rid of dull skin


Four tricks to get rid of dull skin

Obviously it is a youthful age, but the skin is dull and dull, showing its old age. How can we make the skin dull and yellow and become a beautiful girl with red and shiny skin?

Did you know that in addition to a bad natural spleen that can cause dark yellow skin, improper skin care can also make you a yellow-faced woman.

Come, fight back these annoying dark factors with us.

  1, born with dark yellow skin type: blood-enriching qi “yellow face woman” is most often found in people with a bad natural spleen. Such people who want to make the skin rosy and shiny must be adjusted for a long time.The title of Huanglianpo on her body.

Jujube, donkey-hide gelatin, red beans, etc. are all good products for invigorating blood. Common foods such as yam, potato, and potato have a good effect of invigorating qi.

Of course, in addition to replenishing qi and blood, sleep is also very important. Prior sleep can make the skin shiny.

  2. Staying up all night long: Staying up all night and staying up late to work overtime ranks second among the yellow-faced people. Staying up late for a long time directly affects the suspension of the skin and affects the digestive function of the stomach and intestines.

The human liver starts detoxification at 11 o’clock, and staying up late for a long time directly causes toxins to accumulate and accumulate for a long time, and the skin will gradually lose its luster.

The best way is to ensure sleep, it is best to start falling asleep around 10, a glass of milk before going to bed can help to enter sleep.

  3. The type of stress caused by smoking and toxic alcohol: under the rapid development of smoking and alcohol cessation society, people are under heavy pressure, causing many women to begin to relieve their stress through smoking and alcohol.

However, I do n’t know if smoking or inhaling wine will directly lead to poor blood and lymph circulation, and the toxins cannot be discharged normally, making the skin dark and yellow.

In this case, the most effective method is to quit smoking and alcohol, and to reduce stress through other healthy ways.

For example, exercise can both relieve stress and sweat and detox.

  4, skin aging causes skin yellowing: supplemented with collagen to rebuild the skin gradually aging, cells begin to lose vitality, growing cells continue to deposit and make the skin look dull and yellow.

In this case, you must start to think hard about how to make the cells rejuvenate. The best way is to replenish the collagen and rehydrate the skin.

Eat more collagen-rich foods such as trotters, tibia, etc. to supplement collagen, you must pay attention to sun protection to avoid the loss of collagen.

Only in this way can your skin not be afraid of dull yellow.