Know how to raise your feet first

Know how to raise your feet first

Guide: Do you know how to protect our feet in life?

There is a saying that people need to protect their roots when raising trees, and feet that are needed to support people. It is very clear that feet are important to human health.

Of course, in addition to this proverb, there are also foot massage places in some cities and foot care places.

  So how do we take care of our feet in the family?

  First of all, in terms of winter, bubble feet are a great way to health.

It can be said that an appropriate water temperature to soak the feet can not only promote blood circulation in the feet, reduce local muscle tension, but also have great benefits in eliminating fatigue and improving sleep.

However, in life, there are always some people who are accustomed to soaking their feet red when they soak them, and think that the higher the temperature, the better the effect.

actually not.

In fact, the foot bath water should not be too hot, preferably about 40 ° C.

This is because the water temperature is too high, the blood vessels in the feet are prone to excessive expansion, and the blood in the human body flows more to the lower limbs, which easily causes insufficient blood supply to the important organs such as the heart, brain, and kidneys.Different from the worse.

In addition, the water temperature is too high, which easily damages the sebum film on the skin surface of the feet, making the stratum corneum dry or even cracked.

  Of course, in addition to normal people, some patients should be more careful when soaking their feet, especially those with diabetes.

Because these patients are prone to peripheral nerve damage, peripheral nerves cannot normally sense the external temperature, and even if the water temperature is high, they can’t perceive it and are easily burned.

In addition to the water temperature, you should also pay attention to the time when you soak your feet.
30 minutes is appropriate.

  Soaking your feet with warm water is a very good way of health care. If your condition allows, soothing your feet with vinegar is much stronger than warm water.

  Speaking of rice vinegar, everyone knows that it is a commonly used condiment in life. It can be used to make a variety of delicious food, but little is known about its health effects.

Experts point out that soaking feet with vinegar is a “good medicine” to refresh the brain.

If you add some vinegar in warm water and soak your feet before going to bed every day, you can reverse your physical fitness, treat sleep disorders, and eliminate the health effects of fatigue, which is great for your body.

  The reason why soaking feet with vinegar has an important refreshing effect is that the foot is the root of the person, and the foot has many reflective areas with important therapeutic value.

By soaking the feet in warm water, vinegar can penetrate the skin on the surface of the feet, accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, improve the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen, improve the hypoxia state caused by fatigue in various parts of the body, enhance the metabolism of various systems, and help the cardiovascular system in the body.And the exhaust of exhaust gas, so as to relax the body and eliminate fatigue; at the same time, soaking feet with vinegar can also coordinate the excitement of sympathetic nerves, regulate and relax nervous nerves, reconcile meridian qi and blood, balance yin and yang, persist in the long-term, canSignificantly improve sleep quality and play an important adjuvant treatment for sleep disorders such as insomnia, dreaming, and early awakening.

In addition, in this particular season when spring sleepiness is prone to occur in spring, vinegar bubble feet are commonly used. For someone who maintains a strong interest, effective prevention of spring sleepiness is of great substitute.

  Tips: If you haven’t paid attention to your foot protection, you may wish to soak in a pot of warm water after going home. I believe that the comfortable feeling will make you like to soak your feet.