Rotten Tomatoes announces the top ten movies of 2019, Children of the Rivers and Lakes ranks ninth

Rotten Tomatoes announces the top ten movies of 2019, “Children of the Rivers and Lakes” ranks ninth
Sauna Night News recently, the Rotten Tomatoes website released the ultimate guide to “Best Movies 2019” and “Best Episodes 2019″, which lists the most fresh movies and episodes in 2019.”They are no longer old” and “London Life” the second season respectively ranked first in the film category and drama category.Jia Zhangke’s “Children of the Rivers and Lakes” ranks ninth in the movie category with 99% freshness.Top 10: 1 of Rotten Tomatoes’ most fresh movie in 2019.”They are no longer old” 100% freshness2.”Midnight First Aid House” freshness 100% 3.”Cameras don’t stop” 100% freshness4.”Waitress” freshness 100% 5.”Bound in Life” 100% freshness6.”Mickey and the Bear” is 100% fresh 7.”Parasite” freshness 99% 8.The freshness of “Apollo 11” is 99% 9.The freshness of “Jianghu Children” is 99% 10.”Strange Grace” Freshness 99% Rotten Tomatoes Top 10: 1 episode with the highest freshness in 2019.”London Life” second season freshness 100% 2.”Erase Repeat” is 100% fresh3.The freshness of Barry’s second season is 100% 4.The third season of “Better Things” is 100% fresh 5.The freshness of the third season of “Live Now” is 100% 6.The freshness of “Rick and Morty” in the fourth season is 100% 7.”Darkness” second season freshness 100% 8.The freshness of the fifth season of Ayutthaya is 100% 9.The freshness of the sixth season of Detective Shenfan is 100% 10.”Big Mouth” third season freshness 100% rotten tomatoes (ROTTEN TOMATOES) was established in 1998, is one of the preferred positions for domestic and foreign movie lovers to watch film and television works ratings.Good evaluations are expressed with fresh red tomatoes, and bad evaluations are expressed with rotten green tomatoes.Rotten Tomatoes is the most credible film review website abroad. The evaluation of a film is based on the evaluation of all the certified film critics on the site. If a film and television work gets good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the probability of it being recommendedBig.Xu Meilin, the editor of Sauna Night, proofreads Wei Zhuo