Improper acne hurts the skin

Improper acne hurts the skin

For girls, when the body is weak, nervous, or before and after menstruation, endocrine disorders occur, the sebum secretion will be excessive, and the hair follicle pores will be blocked if not excreted.

  In the hot summer, the secretion of oil is strong, and acne is the hatred of many crushes.

You MM should work hard to get acne, but you can’t get acne blindly, otherwise it will hurt the skin. There are some misunderstandings about acne, otherwise you can’t beautify the skin and hurt the skin.

  Myth 1: Using fluoride toothpaste for people who are allergic to fluoride may cause dermatitis. If you are stimulated by fluorine, you will aggravate the symptoms of skin inflammation.

Therefore, people who are allergic to fluoride, whether they have acne or not, should be cautious with fluoride toothpaste.

  Misunderstanding 2: Hormone ointment acne-like seems to be very fast. Hormone acne products are actually very common, like many MMs are using this hormone-type acne product, but it is actually drinking to quench thirst.

Many MM’s skin is damaged by hormone products.

Experts recommend using more products with natural ingredients so as not to harm the skin.

  Misunderstanding 3: Taking contraceptives to remove acne Some acne is caused by endocrine disorders, so taking contraceptives to remove acne has become a secret secret of some sisters.

This is highly recommended, it may make you gain weight, and long-term use may cause other health risks.

  Myth 4: Acne and sunscreen are two different things. According to our understanding, Chinese girls are far from having enough awareness about sunscreen.

UV is the enemy of the skin!

It induces acne growth and deepens acne marks.

However, some sunscreens with a high SPF value can make the skin uncomfortable and even cause acne, so the most sensible way is to go out in the sun, or use sunscreen with a moderate SPF value before hitting a parasol.

  Misunderstanding 5: Acne needs antibacterial treatment. Excessive supplementary products often associate “removing mites” with “acne removing”. In fact, there is no need to associate acne and antibacterial.

Some MMs just go to the liver and hurt the skin.