Men tend to show their inner desires before going to bed


Men tend to show their inner desires before going to bed

The first: “man who loves watching TV before bedtime”-longing for the romance of “going to the door”, he is a man who loves face and is a bit empty.

  Daytime is a hard-working workaholic who has a profound sense of superiority in his work expectations and behaviors.

  However, from the bottom of his heart, he often objected, which kept him in contradictory situations, but others did not understand, coupled with his stubbornness and difficulty in accepting the advice of others in person, so it was difficult to surround himself with low emotions.The solution is only released after you slowly relax yourself.

  For love, the fantasy is very rich and full of romantic feelings, but he is a passive man who rarely moves after the heart. Unless he can’t stand it, he will put aside his face to show his love, otherwise he would rather wait for the other to show loveTo satisfy his vanity.

  The second: “Man who loves reading before bedtime”-longing for long-lasting feelings, he is an elegant and restrained man.

  He has a passion for life and a commitment to work. The most important thing is that he will reflect on his own strengths and weaknesses, which will have an impact on his different lifestyles, thinking and thinking in the future.

The different types of books he has read in different periods reflect his current slightly mentality. For example, reading inspirational books is for the self-confidence or challenges that he is currently facing.

  The longing for long-lasting feelings is his most desired dream.
There is a dedicated and affectionate woman who loves him silently. That is the happiest feeling, and what about him?


Of course I will love her and hurt her.

  The third type: “the man who loves to eat supper before bedtime”-longing to be a secular “derailed love”, he is a man who is easily suppressed.

  Maybe in work, in interpersonal relationships, or in life needs, he was emotionally depressed and could not immediately announce or confess, or his personal relationship made his sensitive heart quietly enriched by food.Satisfaction.

  He looks forward to having a vigorous and crazy love, talking about a completely derailed love, completely owning each other, intimate love, and avoiding all the moral constraints, traditional ideas and opinions of others.

However, if you think about it, in real life, it is still easy to be dominated by the external environment and give up your thoughts.