2010 Hottest Sports

2010 Hottest Sports

How to do scientific and effective fitness in winter?

Which fitness exercises are popular this winter?

What is the most fashionable winter sport in winter 2010?

Here are a few of the most popular and stylish fitness exercises of this year.

  The winter of 2010 is known as the “Millennium Extreme Cold.” If you still rely on your office, air-conditioned car and home “hibernate”, then you will be greatly out.

Exercise in winter can improve resistance to resist high-frequency respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

At present, the “Four King Kongs” in winter training-walking, boxing, skating and swimming have become the new fashion of office buildings.

  [Walking]”The best way to exercise” is suitable for the crowd: all those who can walk are the simplest and most effective exercise method for human beings, and they have the title of “the ancestors of a hundred exercises”.

This method of health training is more likely to be highly supported by the World Health Organization, and in 1992 issued a recommendation that “walking is the best way to exercise”.

According to a survey, at least 37 million people around the world are currently walking.

  As the author of the first systematic work on walking knowledge in China, “6000 Steps and Zero Distance to Health,” Xing Xiaoquan, director of the Social Sports Instructor’s Work Department of the Social Referral Center of the State Sports General Administration, said: Now many young people, especially urban white collar workers”Office syndrome” in Dublin, severe lack of exercise.

So, we need the simplest way of exercise.

And no special exercise equipment is required for walking, nor is it limited by time and space, so it is more suitable for modern people without sports conditions.

  Director Xing Xiaoquan also said that people generally think of sports as those sweaty and intense sports, and don’t even think that walking is a kind of sports. This is also a long-standing prejudice against sports.

In fact, walking can strengthen the body, and can alleviate headaches, low back pain, shoulder pain and other diseases, and can promote sleep.

Therefore, it can be said that walking is a perfect form of exercise beneficial to physical health.

The daily walking methods can also be very diverse, such as taking one stop at work to take a brisk walk, and climbing more stairs when going home to increase physical activity and achieve exercise effects.

  [Swimming]”Vascular gymnastics” in winter is suitable for the crowd: people who are healthy and free of serious diseases Winter swimming is a characteristic exercise program in winter. It is called “vascular gymnastics”. It helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and strengthens the human respiratory organs andFunctions of the digestive system.

Many winter swim enthusiasts with chronic diseases, especially middle-aged and elderly swimmers, insist on a marked improvement in their physical condition after winter swimming, with few physical and psychological symptoms.

But because of the cold river water, this is also a movement that is prohibitive for most people.

Winter swimming is the highest form of cold water exercise. Due to the low temperature, the challenge of cold water, and the need to perform activities in the water, the intensity of the human body’s stimulation is very large, so a little carelessness may cause sports injuries.

  Therefore, if you want to participate in winter swimming, it is best to start swimming in summer and autumn and gradually transition to severe winter.

  It should be reminded that some people are not suitable for winter swimming, and those with high blood pressure who cannot be controlled by certain drugs, people with congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart valve disease, epilepsy, etc. are not suitable for winter swimming.

In the early and intermediate stages of a cold, children who are not fully developed are not suitable for winter swimming.

  The best time for winter swimming is in the afternoon every day, followed by the morning, but you should do the winter swimming half an hour after getting up to exercise.

Do not winter swim in foggy, windy and thunderstorm days.

Before each winter swim, do adequate activities. Take about 5 minutes to let your body cool down, and then go into the water.

  Winter swimming is also very particular about swimming time in the water.

According to the general experience of winter swimming activities recorded in the “National Winter Swimming Newsletter,” winter swimming below 14 degrees can generally swim for 14 minutes, and every time the water temperature decreases by 1 degree, the winter swimming time is reduced by 1 minute, which means that when the water temperature is about 1 degree,I can swim in winter for about 1 minute.

It is necessary to take the time to swim in the water as the control principle of swimming in the water without feeling the second cold in the water, and there is no obvious tremor after the water. After 10 minutes, the body temperature will return to normal.

After landing, you should wipe off the water immediately, keep your clothes warm, and then take appropriate exercise to bring your body temperature back to normal.

  [Ice skating]Burning a large number of fluctuations is suitable for the crowd: teenagers, people who want to lose weight skating is a very good winter sport, but in the coldest days in Shanghai, there is no ice, so the roller skating from the skating transition isBecome a fire in winter.

  Roller skating is also called roller skating or roller skating. Because roller skating can burn a lot of fluctuations, after doing a warm-up exercise, you don’t have to dress like a ball to hinder movement.

Wearing helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads, and roller skating can get your whole body muscles active. It is a rhythmic exercise. If you practice regularly, it can strengthen blood circulation and help muscle development.Can eliminate stress and tension and fall asleep easily.

From the beginning of the trembling to the end of the clouds, the practitioners can exceed the excess aunt.

  Roller skating is a sport that requires a lot of physical effort. In summer practice, you sweat a lot. If you do n’t add water in time, it is easy to dehydrate and easy to hurt.

Winter clothing is relatively thick, coupled with protective gear, re-warm, and the probability of avoiding injuries is greatly reduced.