Feeling bad for yourself

Feeling bad for yourself

Employee depression can affect efficiency and affect corporate image.

  At present, some companies have introduced a new rule: If employees feel unhappy, which seriously affects their work status, can apply for 1?
“Emotional leave” for 3 days, salary and bonus during leave period are not affected.

This “emotional leave” is one of the ways in which companies value humane management.

  ”Don’t bring emotions to work”, these are general workplace rules.

However, this workplace rule has gradually caused controversy.

Because man is not a machine, and emotions are inherent to man, it cannot happen because of people at work. Once it occurs, it does not exist because it is suppressed.

  Emotion is an energy.

Suppressing emotions will suppress energy, so many people who are depressed will have less work efficiency.

And when emotional stress can’t be restrained, it will find other ways to explode. If there is anger in the heart or the pressure cannot be released, it will be manifested by making mistakes at work or conflict with colleagues or customers.

  Changes in employees’ emotions will not affect the perception of customers, but also the image of the entire enterprise. It directly affects the quality of service. Therefore, emotion management is very important in the enterprise.

  In foreign countries, “corporate employee assistance programs” are popular in enterprises, that is, the company pays the bills, and professionals help employees solve some psychological and life problems, thereby solving the worries at work, effectively improving the mental health of employees, andWork efficiency has been greatly improved.

Some large domestic companies, especially foreign companies, pay great attention to the emotional changes of employees, and regularly provide courses on emotional management, so that employees can better learn to deal with stress and ease emotions.

  If you are in a bad mood, please take an “emotional leave”. It is a good thing for employees and business managers to promote.