How to skin care in summer and autumn, these skin care tips must know_1

How to skin care in summer and autumn

Now is the season of changing seasons, the weather is changing, the weather is dry, and some skin care products used in the summer, such as oil control, hydration, deep cleansing, etc., also need to improve the transformation, and the season is also the most prone to sensitive skin symptomsSpecial care should be taken during this period.

Season change!

There should be some changes in the skin care, so that you can also be alive in the dry autumn, let’s take a look.

  Don’t retreat sunscreens immediately: Many women stop using sunscreen products as soon as the temperature falls slightly in the beginning of the autumn. They managed to protect a summer, but they ended up at the last minute.

After applying sunscreen, most women will feel that their skin is oily, and they will no longer use sunscreen when they feel there is no sun.

In fact, the big sun does not have much to do with the strong ultraviolet rays. For example, in the summer when the clouds are very thick, we still have to use sunscreen, because we protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen must be used continuously from summer to autumn to early autumn, especially for more sensitive skin. When the seasons alternate, it is more fragile and sensitive, and it is even more necessary to sunscreen.

  Water-in-oil is the first choice for dry skin care products: in the seasons, the skin is dry. Use “water-in-oil” to prevent moisturizing.

“Water-in-oil” is a type of greasy skin care formulation, which has the best moisture retention effect.

Skin care products will be marked on the packaging.

It can also be distinguished from the name: the names of water-in-oil products with the words “paste” and “cream”, while those with the words “dew” and “milk” are oil-in-water products.

  Oil-in-water formulations are generally thin and breathable, which can temporarily allow the skin to penetrate the moisturizing effect, but the moisturizing effect will soon disappear, and the original moisture will be taken away at the same time, increasing the skin dryness.

Relatively speaking, water-in-oil is more conducive to water retention and moisturization. It is mainly composed of oils, usually moist and heavy. After application, it will form a thin layer of oil film on the skin surface, as if it is a separation wall, which locks the moisture and willThe air was shut out.

Make your skin feel painful and drink plenty of water quickly, and the hydration time is long, which has a natural effect on relieving dry skin.

  Seasonal skin itching to find the three water immortals: Autumn tigers go downhill, the weather is getting drier.

Itchy skin is a wound that causes many old and middle-aged elderly people to have unexpected problems. Use simple and easy methods to deal with these stubborn diseases.

  Zanthoxylum water: brew 100 g Zanthoxylum peel with 500ml boiling water. After soaking for 24 hours, filter the Zanthoxylum peel, and apply Zanthoxylum to the affected area to relieve itching and eliminate edema.

If you add an appropriate amount of vitamin C to this water, the effect is even better.

It should be noted that people with allergies cannot use pepper water.

Pay attention to avoid touching the eyes with water.

  Starch water: Add appropriate starch in the bathtub and adjust the bath water to rice soup color.

If you have very dry skin, you can add a little more to make the bath water milky. You only need to soak it once a day.

This method is safer and suitable for most people, especially for frequent skin itching or chronic skin diseases.

  Winter melon skin water: The dried winter melon skin is fried and bathed, and then the winter melon skin is pasted on the itchy skin to relieve itching.

The melon skin is sweet, slightly cold, and has the effects of clearing stomach heat, diminishing swelling, and so on.

Winter melon peel vomiting liquid extravasation, some patients who feel itchy and swollen skin after itching, or patients who have swollen skin due to long-term intravenous drip and exudate liquid, wipe and paste melon peel water on the drip,Twice a day can eliminate swelling and prevent fluid leakage.