Follow your child’s personality to choose interest classes in summer

Follow your child’s personality to choose interest classes in summer

If a child with an introverted nature learns to perform, it will add too much pressure to the child.

Let the child develop according to his own personality. Not only does he have more fun, but it also saves parents from worrying too much.

Case: Army mother recalled that two years ago, she assigned an army who had not been able to walk independently to the community garden for more than one year. On the way, the army saw a child next door holding a red ball in his hand and insisted on the ball.

Mother had no choice but to take him to the store and buy one.

The army likes the ball, and it is always inseparable from the sphere. Even when eating and sleeping, the ball must be placed beside him.

Jun Jun ‘s mother said that it ‘s strange. Since the ball came, the army quickly learned to walk, and also likes to play football, so that his “masterpiece” is next to him at home. So far, the ball has changed.Two or three.

Last year, I reported a three-year-old army to a Go squad, but the army was unwilling to cry and yell whenever they went to training.

Analysis: If you let a child who is wanton to learn Go or a child who is restrained by nature to learn to perform, it will add a lot of pressure to the child.

As a visionary mother, you may wish to let your child develop himself according to his inherent personality.

In this way, he not only enjoys happiness, but also saves his parents’ worry.

More importantly, he can make some achievements.

As a parent, why not do it?

Generally speaking, a child’s personality and learning style will start to show up at 6 months. By 3?
4 years old will become more obvious.

Like to be quiet: It is suitable to learn Go. Recognition method: Quiet children, especially like to compare. For example, if he can find that the dumplings made by mother are different from those of grandma.

So games like jigsaw puzzles have made him happily play with for hours.

Tip: This kind of child has patient personality, careful observation, and good logical thinking ability.

They always inadvertently explore and find the connection between things.

Therefore, parents should continue to cultivate his rigorous and authentic personality, allowing him to participate in interest classes such as go, math or science experiments.

Usually, if the child asks a question, he should also give him a reasonable and reasonable answer.

I like to talk: It is suitable to learn vocal recognition methods: children have a special response to melody concerts, often call, ah, and wave their little hands.

Sometimes I suddenly heard a piece of music on TV and immediately sang along.

This kind of child usually speaks earlier and likes to learn to speak with adults.

Tip: This kind of child’s thinking mode is driven by sound, he likes to use sound to learn.

In the traditional teaching mode, most teachers teach by dictation, which is very beneficial for children with auditory learning.

They are more suitable for learning stories, crosstalk, vocal music or piano.

Like to do it: It is suitable to learn calligraphy. Recognition method: This kind of child is more patient and can complete more skillful activities, such as disassembling cars, beading, etc. Although some activities are often performed in children’s games, only a fewNot many children can persist until the task is completed.

Tip: This is a rare kind of child. As long as it is properly guided, it has a serious and meticulous attitude after adulthood. This is the basis for doing anything.

Allow them to participate in some handmade interest classes, such as calligraphy, knitting, abacus, etc., to help them learn some skills while expanding their personality.

I like to imitate: It is suitable to learn performance recognition methods: The more active such children are, the more they want to be the main character.

Of course, these children also have the ability to attract more attention, such as rich expressions, dancing and high-pitched voices.

Tip: If the child is already in kindergarten, parents should communicate with the teacher, without hindering the stage for the child to perform at the appropriate time. As long as the child can be recognized once in a formal public place, he can treat himself more confidently.

This kind of child is suitable to learn in performance, hosting, dance and other interest classes.

I like to make trouble: It is suitable to learn martial arts. Identification method: This kind of children may be considered to be the most energetic. They are active and not focused enough. They often run or jump, even in the small gaps between meals.

They usually climb or walk earlier than other children.

Tip: This type of child, known as tactile learning, suffers a lot from the traditional teaching model.

However, if his training of movement coordination ability is appropriate to allow them to participate in interest classes such as taekwondo, martial arts, and swimming, it will be conducive to their daily quiet study.

Like clothing: It is suitable to learn painting. Identification methods: This kind of children like to collect beautiful ragdolls. They also like to choose their own clothes. They often refuse to wear clothes that they think are not good-looking!
Hint: When these children are studying, if they are equipped with vivid pictures or gorgeous videos, the strong visual stimulation will make him enter the state immediately, and he will feel particularly comfortable in the world of images.
This kind of children is best to let them learn in painting, sculpture or children’s modeling team.