Behind the popular wireless headset concept: industrial capital, Dong Jian Gao are selling

Behind the popular wireless headset concept: industrial capital, Dong Jian Gao are selling

Original title: Behind the popularity of wireless headset concepts: Industrial capital, Dong Jiangao, and institutional seats are sellingDo not lose new shares.

For example, the leading walkers in the sector, Leibo Technology, etc. have recently reached daily limit.

  However, behind the enthusiasm, the real action of the main funds is to constantly sell the chips in their hands.

According to Choice statistics, since October, major shareholders of 7 wireless headset concept stocks such as GoerTek, Edifier, etc. have issued reduction plans. Some important shareholders of the company have planned to reduce their holdings many times this year.Large shareholders of some concept stocks took the opportunity to pledge.

  In addition, since late November, the institutional rankings of the Dragon Tiger Rankings have also changed from the previous few months of net buying, and they have begun to clearly sell the Edifiers to the core concepts of wireless headsets such as electro-acoustics.share.
  According to statistics from Choice data, among the new stocks listed since late November of this year, in addition to the science and technology board, there are 11 main boards and GEM new stocks listed, of which about 5 consecutive new stocks have been listed.The daily limit is less than 5.

  The hot performance of wireless headset concept stocks has also stimulated investors’ “knowledge”.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is interactive and easy to display. Recently, keywords such as “headset” and “TWS” have become the focus for investors to ask listed companies.

  Since December, investors have nearly 140 questions that contain the word “headphones” in their queries on the investor interaction platform, and they also include “blockchain”, digital currency, cloud computing, artificial meat, and industry.”Cannabis” and other popular keywords were 142, 40, 33, 6 and 9 questions.

It can be seen that in December, the theme of wireless headphones is very popular among the majority of investor groups.

  Judging from the recent questions investors asked about the headsets of listed companies, a lot of investors are anxious to confirm from the listed companies whether the company is involved in the wireless headset business.

And some investors even blame the listed company because the listed company has not announced the news related to the wireless headset recently.

  For example, on December 9, an investor questioned the company secretary about the recent release of wireless headset-related products by a subsidiary of a listed company. “Why didn’t the company make an announcement. Is it false or shouldn’t it?

“However, important shareholders frequently reduce their holdings. Behind the market frenzy, the real movement of the main funds on the wireless headset sector deserves investors’ attention.

  According to Choice statistics, since October this year, seven major shareholders of wireless headset concept stocks, such as GoerTek, Rambler, have issued reduction plans. Among these important shareholders are the actual controllers and major shareholders of related companies.And Dong Jiangao.

For example, on October 22, Jiang Bin, the actual controller of GoerTek, issued a reduction plan, and the proposed reduction proportion accounts for 2 of the company’s total share capital.


  According to the company’s disclosure, from November 18, 2019 to December 5, 2019, Jiang Bin reduced its holding of Gore’s shares 1622 in a centralized bidding manner.

50,000 shares, accounting for 0% of the company’s total share capital.

5%, the average price reduction range is 20?
21 yuan, which also corresponds to the top area brought by Goertek this year.

According to the announcement, Jiang Bin has not ended the reduction of Goer shares.

  The key shareholders of the wireless headset sector, Edifier, are also unwilling to fall behind when it comes to rallies.

Xiao Min, the second largest shareholder of the company, threw out a reduction plan on November 15 due to “personal funding requirements”, and planned to reduce the holding of 2% of the company’s total share capital.The share of Edifiers in the company’s total share capital is 25.


  In fact, the core shareholders of the Edifier have thrown out large-scale reduction plans more than once this year.

On April 18 this year, the company ‘s third largest shareholder, Wang Xiaohong, announced a plan to reduce its holdings. The share to be reduced in the company ‘s total share capital is 2%.

It is worth mentioning that the two reduction plans were issued near the highs reached by the Edifiers in the first and second half of this year.

  In addition to the core shareholders of the above-mentioned companies, according to Choice statistics, there are also some crowded directors and supervisors of listed companies who have joined the wireless headset sector to reduce their holdings.

For example, since September of this year, companies such as Sateng and Goertek in the sector have issued a plan to reduce their holdings.

Among them, on September 28 this year, Seteng released a plan to reduce the shareholding of Dong Jian Gao, and the number of Dong Jian Gao involved was seven.

  In addition, since the wireless headset concept stock started to rise rapidly in late November, the institutional seats on the Dragon Tiger List have also apparently sold net walkers, and reached the core concept stocks of wireless headsets such as electro-acoustic and Jiahe Smart.

  According to Choice statistics, since November 20, the cumulative net sales of the Edifiers’ total number of seats in the electro-acoustic leaderboards have been 1.

600 million and 1.

0.6 billion.

Prior to November, the institutional seats for the Edifiers were still based on net purchases.

According to statistics, this year 1?In October, the agency’s gradual net purchase amount for electro-acoustics was 1, respectively.

1.2 billion and 0.

8.3 billion yuan.
  In addition, some of the wireless headset concept stocks have recently taken the opportunity to pledge.

On December 6, this year, the concept stock Weil announced that the company’s controlling shareholder pledged 10 million shares of the company’s shares, accounting for 3 of its shares.


After the launch of the pledge, the number of shares pledged by the company’s controlling shareholders and their concerted parties gradually accounted for 66% of the total shares held by the company.


On October 10th, two months ago, Weir issued an announcement on the pledge of the equity of the controlling shareholder in concert. According to the announcement, Shaoxing Weihao, the controlling shareholder of the company, carried out all its company shares.Pledge.
  In fact, the recent category of “hidden” reductions in the important shareholders of listed companies has made the market quite frightening.

For example, on December 9, Astronergy plunged more than 6%.

Some building material industry analysts believe that the company may fall sharply and may announce that the shareholders and shareholders intend to pledge 37.8 million new shares, accounting for 19% of the total share capital.

4%, related to market 苏州夜网论坛 concerns.

  The concept leader admits that competition is fierce. Some market analysts believe that the popularity and sustainability of the wireless headset concept this year is higher than the relative artificial meat, blockchain and other concepts, which are related to the fact that wireless headsets may replicate the investment logic of smart phones that yearApple’s innovation first followed by the domestic industry chain, and this logic has been verified by the market in previous years.

  However, in the early stage of the development of the wireless earphone industry, the market structure also overlapped and chaotic.

“Daily Economic News” reporter saw in Jingdong Mall that there are hundreds of brands selling wireless headphones.

With the development of the market and technology, the industry may inevitably reshuffle in the future.

  According to a report obtained by some reporters on the Edifier research in early November this year, the company’s perception of the competition pattern of wireless headsets is quite frank.

  When responding to the organization ‘s current technology of wireless headsets, the company responded: “This headset simply has no core competitiveness, and anyone can do it.

We just revolved around the time advantage, started three years in advance, and carefully crafted the brand.

The chip is Qualcomm and anyone can buy it.

But it’s important to make it and take advantage of time.

“The company also said frankly that the company’s opponents that aim at wireless headphones also change the sound, but are mobile phone giants like Huawei and Xiaomi.