One finger can polish the five internal organs problem_1

One finger can polish the five internal organs

Establishing the Chinese medicine thinking mode is also a kind of health.

Usually, we can grind our five internal organs from one finger.

The furthest part of the fingers is the fur. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are the main fur. It seems that some of our skin diseases and hair loss are related to the lungs.

It can be inferred that the fur on our bodies is related to lung qi.

Further down is the muscle. In Chinese medicine, the spleen is the main muscle.

It is generally believed that when people are old, drooping symptoms such as eyelids are related to the gravity of the earth.

In fact, when people are old, the spleen function declines, so the muscles are weak, so symptoms such as sagging occur.

The blood in the fingers is dominated by qi.

In a sense, women with cold hands and feet are basically destitute.

“Usually, you can use your ten fingers to touch each other, because your fingers are related to the starting point of the human meridian.