Don’t be afraid of anemia, eat these 8 kinds of food

Don’t be afraid of anemia, eat these 8 kinds of food

Replenishing blood gas is basically a health issue that every woman needs. So how do you recuperate blood gas?

What is good for nourishing blood and nourishing qi?

Today, I will introduce a few foods that can help you replenish your blood. Don’t miss it.

… Don’t be afraid of anemia. Eat these 8 kinds of food to make blood.

Carrots are rich in β-carotene. This nutrient has an excellent threshold for nourishing blood. You can usually use carrots to make soups and make your soup after meals into a blood-toothing soup that you can usually drink!

  The wonderful product of pumpkin blood.

The pumpkin praised by the famous doctor Chen Xiuyuan in the Qing Dynasty as a “wonder of blood” transforms plant-based proteins, carotene, vitamins, essential amino acids, calcium, zinc, iron, cobalt, phosphorus, etc. Among them, cobalt constitutes vitamin B12.One of the important ingredients can help the red blood cells in the blood to function normally; zinc directly affects the function of mature red blood cells directly; iron is the basic trace element for making hemoglobin, all of which are excellent nutrients for blood.

  Grapes are rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron, as well as a variety of vitamins and amino acids, and are recommended by the traditional Chinese medicine of grapes. It is a tonic for the elderly, women, frail and anaemic people, and those who are over fatigued. Pregnant women are also advised to eat more.Not only beneficial to the fetus nutrition, but also can make pregnant women look rosy and blood flow!

If you can’t buy grapes sometimes, you can eat raisins.

   Among the winter fruits of sugarcane blood-seeking fruit, the sugarcane, which is quite popular among people, also contains a lot of trace elements, including iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, etc. Among them, the iron content is the highest, which can be as high as nine milligrams per kilogram.The crown, therefore, is called the blood tonic.

However, from the point of view of Chinese medicine, sugarcane is cold, and those with spleen and stomach deficiency should consume less.

  Mulberry fruit called mulberry fruit is a kind of food that contains the most abundant natural iron in the existing fruits. Multi-food mulberry can not only help to nourish blood, but also have a cosmetic effect.

  Longan meat folk is good at blood, longan meat is longan meat, and fresh longan comes into the market every summer.

Longan contains vitamins A, B, glucose and sucrose, and is rich in iron.

Longan soup, longan wine and other foods are quite recommended for pregnant women and pregnant women.

  Jujube nourishing and nourishing beauty Shengpin is rich in vitamins, fructose and various amino acids.

Chinese medicine believes that jujube is warm, nourishing blood and improving blood circulation, and pharmacological studies have found that some of the jujubes can increase the content of red blood cells in the blood, enhance the function of microparticles, and make the face ruddy.

Pairing with longan, not only nourishing blood and nourishing qi, but also beauty, beauty, “love face” may wish to try.

  Black jujube is a fruit rich in vitamin C-black jujube. Vitamin C is an important factor that can promote the absorption of iron ions. It can make the body absorb iron with less effort, and it can provide blood to a certain extent. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the rich diet.Fiber is not good for digestion, so it should not be consumed daily.